Our Impact

Since launching in 2014, The Workshop Aberfeldy has offered
over 20,000 hours of free training and work experience to 90 individuals,
creating jobs in our local community, and working in partnerships with schools,
support services and businesses.  We are so proud of everything that our
disadvantaged and young people have achieved throughout this time.

Our Values

Impact: As a community-based social enterprise, we are about more than just profit. Everything we do supports people in our community to make a change.

Learning: We build confidence and we teach practical skills for work and life.

Empowerment: We are passionate about helping people to believe in themselves, especially the young and disadvantaged in our community.

Creativity & Quality: We are professional. We are excited about good design and crafting innovative products.

Empowering People

Under 25 years of age

A large percentage of the people we work with are between school age and young adulthood. Although this is where our primary focus lies we are happy to train and mentor people of any age.

With additional barriers to employment

The Workshop is a safe environment to build self confidence, interpersonal, and practical skills. We encourage people to come and learn at a pace that suits them, no matter what their current level of ability is.

Staff demographics

The members of our team with additional support needs are vital to the daily running of The Workshop, and contribute over a third of all the hours worked by our permanent staff.

Case Studies

Before T. came to us at 17, the bullying he had experienced at school affected his self-confidence to such an extent that he had not left his house for six months, suffering from anxiety and depression. We taught him how to operate the laser cutter, helped him gain a Certificate of Work Readiness, and gave him a 12-month contract as a Laser Technician. After working with him to build his self-esteem, we were delighted that he successfully applied to university in Glasgow, studying computer sciences.

F. joined The Workshop as a volunteer, looking for a way to gain new skills and interaction after ten years of unemployment following a motorbike accident. Over two years, he gradually gained confidence and physical strength, working alongside our instructors and trainees. He now has a part-time job as a delivery driver, and pops in to see us on his route.

 “At just sixteen, and with the highest exclusion rate in his school, we were at our wits end.  Every school morning was on the point of unbearable. My son was lucky enough to be offered a place at "The Workshop"; dubiously we agreed, fearing he would again not be able to deal with the structure. Within the first month of his weekly visits, the difference in him was astonishing, clearly he felt encouraged and willing to try, something we had never seen before. Nearly a year on, and his visits are what keeps him motivated. He is thriving, there are now no endless school visits, calls and problems, his self-confidence is slowly growing, now we are beginning to see a young man with hope for the future. Our home life has improved due to the happiness of our son. We cannot find the words to express our gratitude to everyone at The Workshop, they have turned our sons life around, and given him and us new hope for a future.” Mrs S. (parent)