Standard Door Hangers
Standard Door Hangers

Standard Door Hangers

Ready to take control of your space? Our Standard Door Hangers allow your guests to easily communicate whether you want your room cleaned or to be left in peace. With its clear messaging, your guests can enjoy uninterrupted privacy or a tidy space without any hassle. Create a peaceful atmosphere today!

This is a standard design, but if you want a bespoke hanger with your own branding or messaging, do get in touch.

Contact our design studio via , use the contact form below, or call 01887 829353 to discuss any of your award and design requirements.

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About Us

We are a social enterprise in Highland Perthshire, passionate about making a difference by supporting young and disadvantaged people into employment. We offer free training and work experience in woodworking, small-scale manufacturing, design, laser cutting and CNC routing.

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